EXPLORE the Monumental Tübke Art Work in an exciting way

Early Bourgeois Revolution in Germany (German: Frühbürgerliche Revolution in Deutschland), also known as
the Peasants’ War Panorama (Bauernkriegspanorama), is a monumental painting by the East German painter
Werner Tübke,executed from 1976 to 1987.

It spans 14 metres (46 ft) by 123 metres (404 ft) and depicts a circular panorama of the Battle of Frankenhausen,
fought on 15 May 1525 during the German Peasants’ War. The painting has more than 3000 characters.

The painting is the main attraction of the Panorama Museum, built specifically to house it,
in Bad Frankenhausen, Thuringia.

Tübke´s Panorama digitization and loading in the ArtCentrica Platform

After the on-site high-resolution digitization work has been completed, post processing and subsequent mosaicing will be carried out by the Centrica-Team.

The final file, with 110 GigaPixel, was been uploaded to the ArtCentrica platform.

Teachers and students of the HTWK Leipzig selected main scenes and searched for historical references.

The Visitors can experience at TÜBKE-Touch a digital journey, navigating through the „Monumental Painting“, can visualize intimate details by zooming to discover more on the 3.000 characters.

ArtCentrica is a cloud application with the following main features:

High resolution details.
Textual annotations, comparison and references.
Virtual measurement.
Customized lessons.

Tübke´s Panorama digitization and loading in the ArtCentrica Platform

-Centrica srl, Florence, Italy: High-Resolution-Digitalization of the the Panorama Museum Bad Frankenhausen and providing the ArtCentrica Platform

-HTWK Leipzig: Selections of scenes, annotations, references

-Franz Fischnaller: Art and Tech Direction

-Kunstkraftwerk Leipzig: Realization and Production

in cooperation with:

Kunstkraftwerk Leipzig, Panorama Museum Bad Frankenhausen, Tübke Stiftung Leipzig and with generous support of Ostdeutsche Sparkassenstiftung und private donators.